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13 Must-Watch Horror BookTubers

One of the best things about the book community is that we expand over multiple platforms, including good old BookTube/YouTube!

I wrote a blog post similar to this years ago, but I wanted to revisit the topic as I've discovered so many more talented creators that I want to highlight in addition to the ones I've previously mentioned that have continued to wow me with their spookiful bookish content.

The majority of these accounts also have less than 10k subscribers at most, so you can check out these smaller creators who really put their heart and soul into their work. A lot of these creators also double as bookstagrammers, authors, editors, designers and more so you can have the best of both worlds in so many ways.

Harpies in The Trees

Harpies in the Trees aka Mers was one of the channels that got me into the Horror BookTube space. Her videos range from book reviews to spooky unboxing, special projects such as 'creepy audio storytelling' and even the occasional collaboration. Regardless, you can tell that so much time and talent that has been put into each video and it's really inspiring and interesting to watch. You really have a treasure trove of macabre here and it's not to be missed!

Also, the gothic atmosphere in her videos is to die for with candles, bats and other spooky decor littering the dimly lit background.

Marie McWilliams

Author and horror fan Marie McWilliams brings us a spookiful channel for all your spooky bookish needs. From gothy unboxings, book reviews, book tags and other fun stuff, there is a lot to dive into. There are also some really helpful advice videos for those wanting to start a Bookstagram platform if you're looking for some genuine tips.

Marie's warm personality really brings this channel together, making for a great stop for anyone obsessed with horror and the gothic.

Jordaline Reads

The first video I found on Jordaline's channel a few years ago was her 'Horror Books for each Zodiac Sign!' video and she got me, a Capricorn, hooked on her content with the line "when I think of discipline [Capricorn trait], when I think of patience, when I think of practical, I think of cannibals."

The amount of thought that goes into each video combined with Jordaline's wit and blunt takes makes for a very fun and interesting watch. Also, her recent reading journal set up video almost made me want to dive back into my dark academia phase XD


Cassie is new to the BookTube scene but has years of book reviewing experience under the rainbow-coloured belt. Not only are her videos visually stunning to watch with the explosion of colour but they're also filled with so many diverse bookish recommendations in her monthly reading wrap ups that'll (hopefully) give you the motivation to finish your own tbr.

This is another great option for horror readers who also want a bit variety as Cassie also occasionally covers romance, science fiction, fantasy and many other genres aside from horror.

Syn's Book Nook

Syn's channel is a treasure trove of book reviews, book tags and other fun, spooky content. Fans of genre fiction will be delighted as she not only covers horror, but fantasy and science fiction as well.

I immediately fell into Syn's content as she does an amazing job at pitching the books to you, especially with such a genuine and engaging tone that I struggled to click away from. Her content is also very bite-sized so you can easily get through one of her reviews while doing chores or putting together a snack (although, for me, the latter is more likely XD).

Author D.L. Tillery

D.L. Tillery's channel is a like a lucky dip of spooky content. From dark poetry readings to reading challenges and more, she surely has something for any and all horror lovers.

As an indie horror author, she also brings a unique perspective and insight into the book world, especially through her 'author talk' videos and her 'Mistress of the Dark' podcast.


Nichi's channel is a great place for those who want to dig deeper into the world of horror books. Although she's got plenty to offer with many spooky book reviews, reading wrap ups and reading challenges, the highlight of her channel is definitely her 'Author Spotlights'.

These videos involve Nichi interviewing a wide range of horror authors such as Marcus Hawke, Sonora Taylor and more, to get further insight into their publications.

Typical Books

The bulk of Lydia/Typical Book's content revolves around book recommendations and reviews, as well as a few reading challenges, hauls and tags sprinkled throughout.

Lydia's channel is great for those who like a very calm, almost soothing vibe to their bookish content. As well, as a great mix of classics, new releases and hidden gems in their book recommendation videos.

Also, I'm in love with her spooky, gothic bookshelf backdrop!!

Cameron Chaney

If you love unboxing and haul videos, definitely check out Cameron's channel as it is unboxing galore! It's like the joy of buying all these monthly subscription boxes minus the pain in your wallet.

There are also a plethora of thorough book reviews and the occasional bookshelf tour. Cameron's content is not only perfect for any horror reader but his presentation style is very engaging, making for a great viewing experience.

The Bookubus

The Bookubus aka Alex has been on the BookTube scene for many years and her experience clearly comes through in her engaging and gloomy content.

The highlight of her channel is definitely her monthly wrap ups and the fact that you can also find some hidden or unknown gems in her videos, not just the most popular, trending ones.

Nightmare Maven

goodness. From film reviews, book reviews, discussions on the latest spooky releases, hauls and more, you're truly spoiled for choice thanks to the wide range of content available.

Her reviews and recommendations are very in-depth and helpful as she mentions the best and the worst of whatever she is reviewing, giving a very honest outlook in each video.


Rachel's channel is a beautiful library of book recommendations, book hauls and reviews. The types of books she covers are vast, ranging from space operas to coming of age mysteries, witchy horror and more - ensuring that there is something for everyone.

This channel is a definite go-to if you're looking for book recommendations with each video filled with plenty of potential 'stabby' choices. Rachel does an amazing job at describing a book and why a potential reader would love it, as well as the strength of weakness of the book, giving us a truly genuine and thoughtful opinion to help us decide what our next spooky read will be.

Hey Little Thrifter

Hey Little Thrifter was possibly one of the first faces I saw once I stumbled into the Horror niche of BookTube. From singular reviews to book hauls, wrap-ups and the occasional film review, Alex brings a lot to the table with her structured reviewers and videos, and of course, her wonderful backdrop.

Her book hauls are a favourite of mine since they have a very laid back and chill vibe, meaning I can easily listen whilst I'm completing other tasks (or procrastinating more likely XD).



Below are three book trailers I've made in the past, two being for my own novellas and one for Haley Newlin's 'Take Your Turn, Teddy'. I'm currently open to new projects for those wanting a trailer to help promote their releases <3


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