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11 Horror-Themed Podcasts You Need To Listen To

The search for spooky podcasts begins! Whether they cover horror-based topics, review horror-themed products, interview horror authors or otherwise, here are twelve to sink your teeth into. I'll also be making a sperate list of horror fiction podcasts very soon <3

Dead HeadSpace

Hosted by Patrick R McDonough & Brennan LaFaro, 'Dead Headspace' holds a glorious catalogue of author interviews that are sure to delight any horror fan.

Past guests include: Tananarive Due, Hailey Piper, Victor LaValle, Cynthia Pelayo, Gwendoline Kiste and so much more.

(You can listen to my Dead Headspace interview here)

Scream, Queen!

Although this podcast is no longer producing new content, I think it's definitely still worth a listen. Described as 'a podcast about scary movies, by people not typically depicted in scary movies', 'Scream, Queen!' brings us various discussions on horror films from a black/queer/indigenous perspective. Run by Domino Squad and hosted by Drea Washington and Tommy Pico, each episode a take on various horror films. It's also just finished up its first season so if you're in for a binge, they've got you.

Side-note: whoever wrote the episode titles for this podcast is a bloody genius and I appreciate them so much. My fav is 'Sabrina and the Manic Pixie Bisexual Sex Torture Demons'... like, omg yes I want to listen to this! XD

The Evolution of Horror

This one is for all you film history nuts out there. Hosted primarily by Mike Muncher, 'The Evolution of Horror' covers... well, the extensive history of the horror genre and its sub-genres. Featuring many special guests that range from critics to filmmakers to topical experts, the podcast is released in short series covering a particular topic such as occult, folk, zombies and more, reaching into many the rich history of our beloved horror genre.

She Wore Black

Hosted by Agatha Andrews, 'She Wore Black' is a treasure trove of spooky and macabre content. The possibilities are endless as each episode has a unique theme ranging from folklore, horror books, witches, vampires or even cozy video games. Regardless there is something for anyone who enjoys discussions on macabre topics and literature.

Out To Get You

A new podcast with tremendous promise, 'Out To Get You' dives into the queer undertones of famous horror films and texts. Hosted by Margrot Mutter and Rebecca Gault, the podcast has already gathered an amazing line up of queer horror creators, writers and artists. Their most recent episode included author of 'Manhunt' and creator of 'The Deadlights Theatre', Gretchen Felker-Martin. They discussed of her upcoming novel 'Cuckoo' and the gothic dream that was 1992's 'Dracula'.

Horror Queers

Launched in 2019, 'Horror Queers' is an LGBT-based podcast fresh off the 'Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network'. Hosted by Trace Truman and Joe Lipsett, the podcast covers a range of films with (or with potentially) LGBT+ themes. With the occasional special guest, each weekly episode is filled with lively banter and lots of interesting discussion.

Books In The Freezer

Looking for some book reviews, book recommendations and author discussions, then 'Books in the Freezer' has you covered. Pushing out episodes on a bi-weekly basis, we get a wide range of content from this podcast with episodes such as 'Ten Fictional Families We Would Not Want To be Quarantined With', 'Best Books of 2019' and 'Releases of 2020', along with a series of discussion on various horror sub-genres, there is something there for pretty much anyone with a heart for horror and a pair of headphones.

Nightmare on Film Street

Hosted by hosts Kimberley Elizabeth and Jonathan DeHaan, 'Nightmare on Film Street' is a horror-themed podcast that mostly covers topics surrounding horror films and filmmaking. Described as "a candid, comedic take on horror", each episode focuses on a specific theme such as 'Quarantine Horror Movies', 'So Bad It's Good' or 'Canadian Horror', prompting discussion on films that suit these themes.

Ominous Origins

'Ominous Origins' is a weekly podcast that dives deep into the spooky histories behind many horror-related topics. Hosted by Casey Chaplin, each episode takes a scholarly-based look into various myths, legends, folklore or similar supernatural events and beings - cue cryptic, vampires, witches and demons glore! Each episode is short and sweet, allowing for great bite-sized explorations of the macabre.

Horror In The Margins

Another one for horror film and book lovers. Horror In The Margins specialises in exploring and promoting independent horror books and films. The podcasts features a range of independent creators from JAW McCarthy, Stephanie Parent and so many more, all providing in-depth and enlightening conversations about lesser known horror films and literature. This is a perfect podcast for those looking for a new author or filmmaker to obsess over.

The Best Little House In Philly

Hosted by George Heftler, 'The Best Little House In Philly' is a podcast about 'the best horror movies ever made' according to the weekly special guest Heftler invites. Proclaimed as "a safe place for horror fans to talk about the movies they’re passionate about — a place to talk about venerated entries already in the canon, modern-day classics, and everything in between", we can see why this podcast has become a gem.



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