Review: Waves of Sound and Water by Stephen Williams

(disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review).

Stephen William's short horror story 'Waves of Sound and Water' is a quick but captivating ride through a lighthouse keepers descent into maddness.

The book gives off the vibes of a classic gothic short story with a slow-burning narrative with a creepy setting.

The eeriness behind the lighthouse setting and its unnerving contents is immediately established thanks to the daunting style and layout of the prose. The ocean-side building becoming a vessel for the madness that will eventually become of the narrator.

I really liked the layout of the story as it is almost poem-like, which also suited the daunting yet lyric-like style of the prose. It just gave a more creepy feel that really drew me into the narrative.

Overall, for a quick but lasting read, I'd defintely recommend this unnerving tale.


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