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REVIEW: Poems From The Attic by Morgan Nikola-Wren

I was a big fan of Nikola-Wren's book 'Magic With Skin On' (my review of such can be found here) so I was very interested to see what 'Poems From The Attic' had in store. As usual, I was far from disappointed. 

Visually, this chapbook is a moody dream with beautiful artwork, gothic font and, of course, a stunning cover. For all those who love a good aesthetic, you will adore this. 

In regards to the poetry, each piece is filled with deeply romantic language, combined with an atmosphere of darkness and melancholy. 

The book is unstructured and scattered with some poems standing alone with others accompanied with or written amounts a piece of artwork. Yet, this only adds to its charm, although for those who prefer a page of contents, it may not be for you. 

Overall, 'Poems From The Attic' is a beautiful little gem of a book filled with short pieces of poetry that will enchant any reader.


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