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REVIEW: Burials by Jessica Drake-Thomas

(this review is spoiler free!)

Witchy, darkly romantic and filled with sharp truths, Jessica Drake-Thomas' poetry book 'Burials' is yet another marvellous addition to horror poetry.

With a wide range of themes, all presented with the help of witches, monsters and ghouls alike, this is a must-have for your bookshelves this October.

Drake-Thomas' work exudes a highly unnerving atmosphere combined with an emotional rawness that breathes a tremendous amount of dimension into the narratives.

This really shows in poems such as 'Love Spell Number One' where a creepy undertone reveals a deeper, darker truth that is arguably worse and more real than any monster.

Another favourite was 'The House-Woman' that is pretty much as gothic as you can get in regards to atmosphere and symbolism, but at the same time bleeds an emotional narrative of isolation and old ghosts.

Overall, you'd be missing out if you don't pick up 'Burials' this autumn/fall as this dark and moody jet is a collection that cannot be ignored.


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