Book Review: 'Magic With Skin On' by Morgan Nikola-Wren

disclaimer: this review is spoiler-free so read on! also, my opinions are mine alone and if you disagree, that's cool :)

'Magic With Skin On' has got to be one of the most immersive yet unnerving poetry collection I've read in a while. You know when you look up a book and see that it's been nominated/given an award (in this case, a Goodreads Choice nomination for Best Poetry Book of 2017) and then you open it and immediately see why it was considered/given that honour? This is one of those books. I felt so captivated on the first page as we are greeted with some long-form prose that would introduce the poetry, such an introduction pulls us into the themes and narratives of the pieces to come. Nikola-Wren uses such gripping language and romantic prose that is both, at times, disturbing yet beautifully intertwined with an almost dark, fairy-tale atmosphere. Overall, this is a definite recommended read from me, especially if you love dark, moody and captivating prose and poetry.


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Magic with Skin On

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