gothic romance / horror novella

Clash Books, 2020


Mortician and Funeral Home Director, Helena Morrigan struggles to cope with the literal ghosts that follow her after a traumatic childhood. She knows she has the potential to control them and free their lost souls but cannot summon the power and strength to do so due to her past trauma.


After relocating to a small, crumbling house owned by twin brothers, Eric and Christian Tarter, and their sister, Audrey, Helena begins to receive more visits from murdered and tortured souls. At first, she attributes the rise on deaths to a local serial killer with a habit of gutting its victims. However, both Helena and the Tarter siblings are drawn unwillingly into the investigation by a cold and vindictive detective, in turn forcing Helena to face the demons that lay in her past, testing her new friendships and threatening her sanity. 


trigger/content warning
This material contains descriptions of violence, blood/gore, corpses and trauma.

Praise for Helena

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