The Red Lolitas...

The Red Lolitas ...

new adult mystery / supernatural novel

self-published, 2022



Ryanne begins the summer on a high after being accepted to the college of her choice, leaving only a few months working at the local summer camp to fund her first year at study and escape her stressful homelife with four younger siblings and neglectful parents.


However, after graduation, she receives a late-night call from her ex-girlfriend. Prudence, who is distraught and hiding a damning secret. The following morning, Ryanne awakes beside her parked car, with no memory of the night before and Prudence missing from the passenger seat.


Prudence is not the first or the last, as the ghosts of the many seemingly perfect girls return to haunt Ryanne in place of her lost memories, the lost girls who will be dubbed by local media as The Red Lolitas. 


Yet, her involvement in the case and another fellow classmate, the pretty and popular Lucia who knows so much more than she lets on, will turn Ryanne's perfect and simple plan for new life on its head.


trigger/content warning
Copyright © Claire L. Smith 2020