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Dr. Vladis and The Hounds.

gothic horror / romance novel



After failing to save a little girl from injuries sustained in a dog attack, young doctor Timothy Vladis begins to experience a variety of hallucinations and ghostly visitations. Plagued by his overbearing conscience, Timothy returns to his countryside home town in an attempt to avoid returning to work and triggering his rampant guilt.


However, he finds little solace in his widowed and abusive mother and instead is drawn to the powerful Dr Apollyon and his two daughters, Lilith and the wheelchair-bound Mallory. Yet, the sisters are far from innocent Victorian ladies as their lives are dictated by a life-threatening and incurable illness.After transferring to Dr Apollyon’s privately funded hospital and insane asylum, Timothy is engulfed by the Apollyon family ghosts as he uncovers horrific stories of insatiable power, personal redemption and undeniable bravery and strength.



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The Red Lolitas.

Young Adult Supernatural Horror / Thriller



Ryanne Harris is anxious yet excited to graduate, the potential freedom from her neglectful parents and three younger siblings both terrifying yet empowering.  Alas, graduation is saddened as the class attends the funeral of their classmate Lola who was found dead after several private pictures were leaked to the school, After the service, Ryanne and a close friend stumble across the body, of Rita who would become the second victim of the Red Lolita killer.


Ryanne begins her summer before college working at a local arts-based summer camp, watching her peers having fun whilst she is haunted by the ghosts of Lola and Rita, both of whom are desperate to be heard. This combined with the return of her once childhood friend Prudence who outed her as a lesbian years before. Yet, Prudence is not the bubbly spark she once was, she is drained and closed-off and is holding a secret that she shares with Lucia, the 'cool' girl who is dating Prudence and Lola's ex-boyfriend, Leo.


Ryanne's summer continues to take a dark and bloody turn as more and more Red Lolitas turn up with no suspect pinned. The ghosts of the murdered girls continue to torment, Ryanne, forcing her to confront her timid nature in order to find justice and peace for her lost friends. 



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The Phantom Moths.

Gothic Horror / Dark Fantasy Novel



Evette is a rising star in 1925, New York City. After having escaped her abusive, heavily religious mother, she has found expressive freedom in dancing and performing. 


However, her life is still restrictive with a controlling manager and her vindictive, theatre critic boyfriend. That, as well as a secret she has carried since birth, that got her exiled from her religious community.  A gift that has made her life a curse due to the dark souls that haunt her.


She soon finds solace in Maude, an ex-child star that has made a come back in the form of writing novels and poetry. Yet, Evette senses something lurking behind Maude's smile, an entrapment, and curse that Evette knows all too well. 


Evette's life suddenly as stage girls begin to show up dead, capturing more media attention than they ever did alive. As Evette's gift beings to



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Pandora's Box.

YA Gothic / Dark Fantasy Novel



After the sudden and devasting death of their parents, twin sisters Evelyn and Pandora Black leave their home town to attend '... For The Arts' a prestigious all-girls boarding school. 


Evelyn, suffering from grief, clings to Pandora, her ansemia ensuring that she remembers nothing of the night of her parents' death. Yet as she cotninues her studies, she discovers a secret club amoungst a small gorup of her fellow students who, like the Black sisters, have discovers a powerful yet dnageorus secret. 

As Evelyn grows close to the girls, she feels the pull of her twin sister who...



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