The Divine Souls Trilogy ...

dark fantasy/horror novel (book 1#)

DAW Books, 2021


After failing to save a little girl from injuries sustained in a dog attack, young doctor Timothy Vladis begins to experience a variety of hallucinations and ghostly visitations. Plagued by his overbearing conscience, Timothy returns to his countryside home town in an attempt to avoid returning to work and triggering his rampant guilt. However, he finds little solace in his widowed and abusive mother and instead is drawn to the powerful Dr Apollyon and his two daughters, Lilith and the wheelchair-bound Mallory. Yet, the sisters are far from innocent Victorian ladies as their lives are dictated by a life-threatening and incurable illness.

After transferring to Dr Apollyon’s privately funded hospital and insane asylum, Timothy is engulfed by the Apollyon family ghosts as he uncovers horrific stories of insatiable power, personal redemption and undeniable bravery and strength.


Copyright © Claire L. Smith 2019