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Counting Stolen Baby Teeth.

horror webcomic - published on Tapas - Feb. 2021



A young girl makes a terrifying ally in the woods that surrounds her isolated home, but the nocturnal being is not the only one with a deadly secret.



Washing Up.

poetry-based webcomic - published on Tapas - May 2021




Blood dripping from trembling fingers,

Cold palms bristled raw 

With spotted knuckles bent over

The wilting scrub brush. 


The water had grown cold, 

Her body shaking and weak 

from dipping her numbed arms 

into the rose-bush soak. 

because that’s what love feels like


The Girl and the Ghoul.

horror webcomic - published on Tapas - October 2021



A woman is haunted by a blood-soaked reflection of a little girl who taps on the glass begging to be let out.

All the woman can do is run, try to ignore the screams of the little girl. 



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