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gothic horror / romance novella



Mortician and funeral home director, Helena Morrigan struggles to cope with the literal ghosts that follow her after a tragic childhood. She has the power to free their lost souls but cannot summon the strength to do so due to her past trauma. After relocating to a small countryside house owned by wealthy twin brothers, Eric and Christian Tarter, and their sister, Audrey, Helena begins to receive more visits from murdered and tortured souls. At first, she attributes this to a local serial killer with a habit of gutting their its and stealing their organs. However, both Helena and the Tarter siblings are drawn unwillingly into the investigation by a cold and vindictive detective, which forces Helena to face the demons that lay in her past, testing her new friendships and threatening her sanity. 



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When They Entered That House.

gothic horror novella




Zoe and Elle are two adventurous little girls. Best friends since birth, they have made the vast woods their kingdom, escaping to the horizon of their deep imaginations. They'd play from dusk till dawn, keeping their promise to never venture near the crumbling remains of an isolated on top of 'Mortimer Hill'. 


Yet, a strange beckoning pulls them past the front gates where a century of horrors will be unleashed on the girls who may not make it out intact.



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The Wolves of Edingrad.

dark fantasy / gothic horror novella

TOR.COM (2021)


After one hundred years of war, the Northern Nations begins to recover despite losing the majority of its population, mass poverty and starvation, and their once lush forest landscape now ravished.


Young expectant mother, Irina leaves her desolated village, jumping from town to town before she nears the now abandoned frontlines and the last remaining village on the outskirts of the battlefield. She quickly earns a job as governess for the area's orphanage after the previous headmistress is given up for sacrifice to a pack of bloodthirsty monsters known to locals as 'The Wolves'. 


With the help of a local doctor, Irina attempts to liven the children's lives despite the violent conflict and the cruel treatment of their guardians. However, as her pregnancy and mental state become an uncertain rollercoaster as she discovers the horrors the children are hiding.



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Agnes and Cat.

dark fantasy / gothic horror novella



Ten-year-old Agnes lives in a house of monsters. Her father fights the beasts upstairs, tiny fairies feed her mother sickly berries, evil demons inhabit her stuffed animals and even more prowl in the garden, but... she's best friends with the one under her bed. 


Cat is ghastly with long yellow teeth and white eyes, he needs to eat rats from the under the stairs to survive and can't go out during the day, but he protects her from the others. 


However, when the little girl next door is taken by the an unknown danger. Agnes and Cat must fight the monsters in order to save her. Yet, the mystic beats that inhabit Agnes' crumbling apartment building are not all that they seem.


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