The Swallowing Place...

gothic romance / horror novel

King Shot Press, 2020



In an attempt to flee her abusive employer, ameteur witch Brigid Starling takes up a position as a maid in an isolated estate that sits on a deserted ilsand off the cliffs of North England.


With this new start, Brigid hopes of leaving the violence and emotional truama behind her dminish as she beigns to work for the distrubed and mystertious Lady Lamia Levine. Lamia house is full of mirrors and portraits of her lost children, a pair of eyes always watching. 


Along with Lamia, Brigid encounters two of the Lady's children, the kind but oddly allusive Logan and the bitter Louisa. Yet, there is more to the Tutor family that meets the eye with Brigid's sleepwalking and nightmares growing into more than flashes of her traumatic childhood. 


trigger/content warning
Copyright © Claire L. Smith 2019